Are you looking for…

  • An original activity that will encourage team spirit in your company?
  • An activity that is both fun and educational for your students?
  • Or simply a unique activity to celebrate an event with your friends, your families or your association?

The Montréal Ghosts offers you a variety of possible activities tailored to your needs, on the day and time of your choosing.
Choose from among the following:

  • Traditional Ghost Walk
  • Ghost Hunt
  • Ghost Scavenger Hunt

Contact us to reserve for a private group!
We also offer activities from June to October for individuals.

Traditional Ghost Walk

Follow one of our storytellers and explore a completely different Old Montréal

In his company discover some of our more morbid legends and stories, along with some anecdotes of still unexplained phenomena…. Visit some places where major events unfolded ands which are possibly still haunted…  An unforgettable evening will allow you to discover the secrets of Old Montréal’s streets and lanes!


  • Length: approximately 90 minutes.
  • Group Hours: available year round, demand and availability permitting.
  • Departure: time of your choosing, demand and availability permitting.
  • Designed for small groups or those who would prefer to be accompanied by a host at all times.
  • You can also have encounters with one or more Ghosts incorporated into your Walk.

Rates (taxes included) :
Minimum 20 participants

$19.00 / student
$21.50 / adult


Ghost Hunt

With your group, join in the hunt for a Ghost and hear their sordid stories!

In teams, you will be given a map of the local area, then off to the hunt, searching for the heroes and villains of Old Montréal’s yesteryears…..  Each Ghost, played by one of our professional comedians, will tell you the story of his or her life, or, better still, their death… Fascinating tales and encounters await you.

Two different theme walks are offered;

Montreal’s Historical Crime Scenes
Listen to the testimonials of victims or criminals and relive some of the most celebrated crimes in the history of Montréal. Goosebumps guaranteed!!

New France
Find the heroes and villains who populated Montréal in the New France era. Hangings, slavery, poverty, sorcery….our characters will share their vivid lives with you.


  • Schedule: available from mid-March to mid-November.
  • Departure: at a time of your choosing during the day and at either 7:00pm or 9:00pm in the evening, demand and availability permitting.
  • Length: approximately 90 minutes.

Rates (taxes included):
Minimum 50 participants



Ghost Scavenger Hunt (for adults)

Choose one of our activities which are excellent for team building, taking a break in a day of seminars or just having some outdoor fun with friends or colleagues.

Also, Guidatour, which markets the Montréal Ghosts, offers rallies designed for either adults or students.

The Course:

The group is divided into teams and each team is given a questionnaire on the course to be followed. Along this route you will meet Ghosts who are hiding in the streets of Old Montréal.

At the end of the rally each team hands in their questionnaire with their answers. The points are calculated and the team with the highest number of points is the winner. Experience this unique activity everyone will remember!


  • Schedule: available from mid-March to mid-November.
  • Length: about 3 hours
  • Departure : near the Montreal Science Center
  • Minimum of participants: 50.
  • Can include 4 or 5 Ghosts.

Rates (taxes included) :

  • $51/adult (minimum 50 participants)
    Includes one alcoholic beverage per person with small snacks at the end of the activity
    + a gift for each member of the winning team
  • Starting at $76.50/adult with a ghostly meal